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Your Passport to Mastering Thai


I provide customized Thai language lessons to beginners of all ages.


I believe that learning a new language should be engaging, interactive and personalized.


I am passionate about helping my students achieve their personal, academic and professional goals.


Begin your Thai language journey today!

Each course focuses on
your level and goals

You choose your own

Get your level assessed.
Set up an action plan.

Learn with
audio / e-flashcards that are based on your mistakes!

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About Me

Originally from California, Melissa has always had a strong appreciation for learning languages as well as teaching languages. So in 2010, she was invited to become a Thai teacher trainer in the U.S. Peace Corps for two years. 


During her service, Melissa received top notch Thai language training as well as cultural training to prepare her for her service.


She decided to live with a host family during her 27-month service, which meant that she was completely immersed in Thai language and culture only a day by day basis. She spoke in Thai with her host family and local community. She attended weddings, funerals, temple visits, and other local events while she lived there.


Her positive attitude and friendly disposition make her a good fit for teaching Thai to interested adults and children.

Melissa loves teaching Thai Grammar in a fun and interactive way and also teaches common everyday conversations so that students will be better equipped to actually use the language that they learn during the lessons.

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